Springtides is a model to synthesise geometry (boundary, coordinate) and spatial attribute (e.g. population counts, environmental characteristics, service identifier and model coefficients associated with areas) data.

Published output

Currently the main application of Springtides has been as a spatial epidemiology model that predicts the prevalence of a range of mental health and substance disorders for regions of Australia. Published work to date has taken the form of some reports and datasets.


In collaboration with colleagues at the University of Sydney, Springtides was deployed early in the COVID-19 pandemic to predict potential changes in the prevalence of mental disorders in the absence of Government intervention. That analysis was reported in media coverage in May and December 2020.

Some background about the model is provided in this poster and from about the 55 minute mark of this webinar.


Some development version software is already available, with future development releases planned.


Some of the input data of the demographic module of Springtides is available in an online repository.

Matthew Hamilton
PhD Candidate