ready4 is an R software framework for transparent, reusable and updatable systems models. It provides a set of tools to support the development of models of places, people, programs and platforms that can be flexibly combined as modules of overarching systems models.

Published output


A documentation website consolidates multiple online resources to provide an overview of the ready4 framework and examples of the projects to which it is being applied.


The foundation of the ready4 framework is provided by the ready4 R package (development version).

The bare-bones framework provided by ready4 can be extended using tools contained in the following development version R packages:

  • ready4fun, ready4class and ready4pack (for authoring and documenting code libraries of model modules);
  • ready4show (for authoring self-documenting programs and reporting templates); and
  • ready4use (for authoring, curating and labelling model datasets).


Taxonomies, abbreviations and other meta-data to help implement the framework are available in an online repository.

Matthew Hamilton
PhD Candidate